Duct Zoning

Climate Zoning

Your home has different living spaces, controlling the temperature in those spaces is critical to maintaining your comfort and saving you money. Often times there is a single thermostat that controls temperature in the entire home. How much energy could you save by shutting down the areas that aren’t in use? Imagine having one light switch that turned on every light bulb in the house? It’s the same concept, only you have more efficiency to gain.

In terms of comfort, imagine bumping up the temperature in just one room to shake the chill on those brutally cold days. More zones = More comfort = More efficiency.

Zoning systems also help compensate for poorly designed duct systems. Even properly designed systems are changed over the years as renovations are performed and ducts added.

Many duct systems were designed for heating only. Cooling was added to the system at some point in its life and still only one thermostat is expected to control the entire house? Sound familiar? The result is the upper level being warmer than the lower level.

By placing thermostats in each floor, the heating or cooling system air is delivered to the floor that needs it and allows both levels to be maintained at the levels that are most comfortable.

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