Lawrence Air Systems provides me year-round comfort

In 1979 my husband and I began building our dream home. We built it ourselves by hand after work and on weekends.  From the fieldstone chimneys to the front deck, each nail and board was carefully selected from the lumbar yard, brought onsite cut, hammered and placed with care.  After 5 years of hard work we moved into our dream home.

We chose to heat our home exclusively with wood, even our hot water was made with a wood stove. Now that I\’m a bit older I decided to add heat and air conditioning to my home, but it was very important to me to choose a system that fit my home and provided me with the comfort and convenience I was looking for. That is why after speaking with family and friends I decided to call Lawrence Air Systems.

The guys at Lawrence explained to me the energy efficiency, ease of use, and benefits of the ductless mini-split systems. With very little changes to the home that I love so much, they were able to install and teach me how to use the system in a single day. Now I can burn wood when I want, or choose to have instant heat without all the effort of building a fire, and in the summer I can cool down the house and eliminate the humidity.

I\’m so happy that I chose Lawrence Air Systems to bring comfort to my home, and I love my ductless mini-split system.

My system

I opted for a Mitsubishi ductless mini-split system that provides me heat in the winter and cool air in the summer and reduces the humidity in my home. I have two condenser units, one in the bedroom and the other in the main living room in the house. The systems are very quiet and provide warm (or cold) air almost instantaneously.

I love the fact that none of my windows are obstructed, and I hardly notice the indoor air units.

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