When the summer hits, do you partake in the Thermostat Tango?

We know how dangerous that particular dance can get; it’s so tempting to fiddle with the controls when the weather changes (especially in a heat wave!) Here’s some insights into how cooling systems work.

HVAC systems are manufactured to handle the average temperatures of a given area. In this part of the country, systems are designed to balance an 87° outside temperature with inside temperature of 75.° So there’s about 12° of difference to work with.

So, what about when it’s 100 degrees or more outside? At most, systems can only handle cooling your home to about 15-20° below the outside temperature. Therefore, even if your system is running nonstop, the temperature in your home can only go down so far.

And that’s okay! Your system is working as it is designed to, especially if you have kept up with its annual maintenance. As for the whole strategy of “I’ll just turn my thermostat way down to force my system to work harder?” Even if you punch in your desired temperature, it’s only going to go so far in hitting that target!

So, what should you do? Set it and forget it! When you leave your thermostat on a set temperature, no matter the weather, your home will remain consistently cooler. That also allows your system to run more efficiently which saves you money in the long run!

When the heat kicks in, we’re quick to worry that our system isn’t working. I’m here to reassure you: it’s probably working exactly as it was designed to!

Tricia Goulart

Author Tricia Goulart

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