Who’s Trish, and What the Heck are Trissues?

Who’s Trish, and What the Heck are Trissues?

Each superhero has their own origin story.

Some are born from insect bites or experiments gone wrong. Others come from other planets, or watched their parents get murdered and are destined to fight a life of crime with the aid of uber-expensive vehicles. Really awesome ones are scientists who create robot armor to stay alive, have expensive cars and sport a sarcastic attitude.

But the best superheroes don’t have overrated origin stories. Some superheroes are right under our noses. They’re the ones who manage to be on time for work after getting two kids fed, dressed and dropped off at daycare. The ones who have to manage a workload from three separate bosses. The ones who show up at the office only to find a line of techs at her office door, before she’s even had her morning coffee.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m one of those heroes! And I’ll be writing about all kinds of issues we see on a regular basis here at Lawrence Air Systems. I’d love to tell you we came up with the word “trissues” just to name this blog, but that would be a lie. The truth is, “trissues” has followed me around for a while.

Let me tell you my origin story.

An Experiment Gone Right

Let’s go back to June of 2018. I was a veterinary technologist at a neurology clinic. To say I wasn’t happy was an understatement. I was struggling and exhausted. An old friend reached out about a job opening at her employer, an HVAC company. Back then, I had no idea what “HVAC” even meant. Leaving my job and career wasn’t an easy decision. I’d worked hard for that degree, and it was tough to walk away.

Looking back now, I wish I could have told myself that moving on would be the best decision I’d ever make. It meant finding my new home and a wonderful, if slightly dysfunctional, chosen family. I call us family because that’s what we are—we take care of each other, support each other and, most importantly, make fun of each other. I may not be a Lawrence by name, but I feel like I am in every other way.

Where did “trissues” come from? I didn’t ask for it, but it was assigned to me. I despised it in the beginning, mostly because I felt like I always had trissues, and I refused to admit the name was clever. But now I wear it with pride. Because trissues are things that only a Tricia—or should I say Wonder Tricia—can fix.

Welcome to Trissues

Now, this blog is going to be a little different from what you might expect. I’m not going to throw a lot of technical jargon your way, nor am I going to make everything about selling our products. What I am going to do is tell you about real-life situations from customers we help on a daily basis. And, hopefully, I’ll make you laugh a bit.

So, without further ado, welcome to my new series called Trissues. A blog written by the one and only Wonder Trish for you, our clients and our family.

P.S. As a thank you for your loyalty, if you call our customer service center, mention that you have a “Trissue” and receive $20 off your next service call!

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