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First, a quick story for today’s edition: My favorite car I ever had was my Toyota Matrix, which I named Josie. I loved that car so much, but I didn’t treat Josie well. Oil changes were done far past when they should have been, and maintenance was an afterthought. My lack of attention cost me one day on the highway, when Josie began to let out a frightening amount of smoke. I barely made it to the breakdown lane!

An important lesson was learned that day: maintenance is the key to preventing a big, expensive mess. That applies not only to cars, but also HVAC systems! Working at Lawrence, I’ve seen what happens when systems aren’t regularly cleaned, and it’s not pretty or cheap. Up to 90% of HVAC system failures can be attributed to lack of maintenance.

Just like a trip to the auto shop, yearly maintenance on your HVAC system includes an inspection, testing, and sometimes repairing or replacing components. And much like the peace of mind you get from driving a freshly approved car, you get the same with an HVAC check-up: you’ll be keeping your home a safe and comfortable place for your loved ones, and your system’s life expectancy will drastically improve. Plus, if it’s running at peak efficiency, you’ll also save money on your electric bill!

Sounds good, right? But we know: life gets in the way, and it’s so easy to forget to make those appointments until it’s too late. That’s why Lawrence offers an Annual Maintenance program; when you enroll, you not only get priority service, but also discounts on repairs and replacement. Reach out to our Service Manager Jackie (https://lawrenceairsystems.com/contact) and she’ll explain what being a member includes. Be sure to ask about the payment plan (and tell her I sent you!)

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Tricia Goulart

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Hey there. I’m Trish, also known around here as the one with all the “trissues.” I’m kind of a superhero, if I do say so myself. Not the kind that comes from a radioactive insect bite or another planet; the kind that’s right under your nose, getting the kids off to daycare every morning, managing the workloads from multiple bosses, and dealing with a lineup of coworkers’ requests before I’ve even had my first cup of coffee. Trissues are all the things that only a Tricia—or should I say Wonder Tricia—can fix. So, that’s we named my blog. I’ll be writing about all kinds of issues we see on a regular basis here at Lawrence Air Systems. I’m not going to throw a lot of technical jargon your way, nor am I going to make everything about selling our products. What I am going to do is tell you about real-life situations from customers we help on a daily basis. And, hopefully, I’ll make you laugh a bit.

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