High Efficiency Gas Systems

Warm, Smart, Comfortable and Efficient Heating



Your heating and cooling system is responsible for more than half of the total energy usage in your home. In New England, most of that is consumed by your heating system. Modern systems have improved significantly over the past several years.   New components can save on average 30 to 40% per year on fuel usage.  Efficiency is measured by how well the heating system converts fuel or electricity into heat and divided by the energy consumed by the system.  This measurement is called AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency.  Older, low-efficiency systems have ratings between 56 – 70%.  High-efficiency systems that we install today fall between 90 – 98.5% AFUE.


Replacing an old worn out furnace or boiler will not only improve the energy efficiency of your home, but your comfort as well. Variable speed technology modulates system capacity based on what your needs are. This allows the heating system to run for longer periods of time at lower settings which helps reduce cold spots and excessive swings in temperature.


There are an overwhelming number of heating solutions on the market today. For every type of system, there are dozens of manufacturers, each with hundreds of products. Our specialty is finding the right solution for you. The first step in determining which system you need is an appointment with one of our Comfort Consultants. We’ll evaluate your existing system, your home, and most importantly-your comfort needs. How well does your existing system heat? Are their cold spots in the house? What do your heating bills look like? Is the existing equipment sized correctly for your home? These are just a few of the many factors considered to dial in on the exact system that will best suit your needs.