Susan M. (Bristol, RI)

“On Christmas Eve morning several years ago we woke up to find that the furnace had stopped working.  We were leaving that day to be out of town for two weeks.  I called Lawrence Air Systems.  They came out that morning, fixed the problem, and we were on the road by early afternoon, with no worries about our house.

Lawrence Air has serviced our heating and air conditioning systems since we moved to Bristol in 1995 and we are truly satisfied customers.  From the person who answers the phone to the technician who performs the work, they are consistently professional, knowledgeable, and courteous — the kind of people you are comfortable having in your home.  Their service is impeccable; they return calls promptly, show up when they say they will, and communicate clearly and honestly.  No surprises.  These are people you can trust.

This past year Lawrence Air replaced our furnace and air conditioner.  Aaron provided us a detailed proposal including several options.  He took into account future needs and ways to save on utility bills, and even advised us of rebate programs available to us.

We also had Lawrence Air Systems convert us to a zone heating system. This has been the best thing we have done to our house.  We are now more comfortable in every area of the house and I sleep soundly in my nice cold bedroom.  Added to that, we are seeing positive results on our utility bills.

It is very comforting to have a service provider such as Lawrence that I can trust to maintain our systems, respond to problems, provide us with informed advice, and treat us fairly and honestly.”

Connie (Bristol, RI)

“I had Lawrence air come to evaluate my heating and air system after 10 years of putting up with a new system that never worked properly. They sized my home with the appropriate size (the original was to large, so grossly inefficient) and added a zone upstairs so the system would be more balanced. Now my air system doesn’t blast and rattle, instead it’s a smooth quiet system that runs more often for less time and more efficiently. They did have to chase some duct work that was done wrong with the original set up. Some ducts needed to be changed to returns vs supplies. As for price, I really didn’t shop around.

I was so impressed with Aaron and how professional he was, and how willing he was to search for all rebates and process them for me that I trusted him. The day of the service visit the technicians were polite, professional, grateful for small offerings like water, cookies etc. I would highly recommend them, in fact I did and he was satisfied too.”

Cheryl K. (Barrington, RI)

“We have known the Lawrence family employees for approximately 15 years.  We first used Lawrence Air Systems for installation of a complete cooling and heating system in the renovation of an older home, and later in the construction of a new building.  Throughout the process of design and installation, the Lawrence’s worked closely with us and with our architect to provide the most appropriate and efficient systems. We have been very pleased with the results. It is hard to imagine a company with more knowledgeable, pleasant, and polite employees. “

Marshall H. (Warren, RI)

“We used Lawrence Air Systems to install air conditioning in our 105 year old stone house.  They helped us figure the best approach given our unusual heating setup.  (We have forced air on the first floor and baseboard hot water on the 2nd and 3rd.   Lawrence configured a combined system for the 1st floor and installed high pressure a/c for the 2nd and 3rd.)   They did a great job with installation.  The Lawrence people were clean, punctual, polite, and supremely professional.   And they did all this for a price a bit lower than our other bidders.   We recommend Lawrence very highly indeed.”

Paul D. (East Greenwich, RI)

“I have been dealing with Lawrence Air Systems now for several years and they recently installed a brand new heating and air conditioning system for me for my first and second floors, to wit, I am very, very happy with said system and all the work they have done for me over the past several years.  I have found their prices to be very fair and the quality of their work to be excellent.

In my opinion, they are the best in the business and I would highly recommend them.”

Susan S. (Narragansett, RI)

“We have a 100 year old Victorian so there was no way that traditional air conditioning could be installed without damaging the elegance of the house. Lawrence Air spent an enormous amount of time designing just the right system that could work for us without any damage to the house. Their installation was elaborate and just perfect for our “grand old Victorian lady”. We are very pleased!”

Richard S. (Barrington, RI)

“I purchased my current Barrington home two years ago and after a few months there it was obvious that the heating and air conditioning system was not working well. I thought that it may have needed some minor adjustment. Instead, it needed a major upgrade and fixing. It turns out that the installation which was performed only 10 years ago in a renovation project by the previous owner was simply not done well. Lawrence Air worked through each problem carefully and thoroughly and now the systems work really well. I was really impressed with the quality of their work and delighted with their careful analysis of the problems before they attempted to fix something – they really do it right the first time. One other thing – they always attempted to do things in the least expensive way that accomplished the job. In short, Lawrence Air is a well run, traditional New England family business. I trust them completely and am grateful for their work in my home. By the way, my heating and air conditioning bills have dropped almost in half!”

Brian G. (Providence, RI)

“Lawrence Air was open-minded, collaborative, and flexible, all of which were critical for our busy work site and relatively complicated hvac installation. Their recommendations were well-considered and thoroughly explained, and the installation work was excellent. I’m also very happy about the quality of their ongoing maintenance of the system. Their staff has always been considerate and a pleasure to work with. I have great confidence in them and the systems they installed.”

Wayne & Alice P. (Portsmouth, RI)

“From the very first phone call to Charlene, meeting with Aaron, through the installation with Justin, Gabe and Jason to Eric final test, it has been a pleasure to deal with your company. We felt very comfortable with not only the business knowledge everyone possessed, but also the conduct of you in our home.”